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Lavender herb and essential oilThere is something really beautiful and profound in simplicity. In today’s world where more is generally perceived as better, it’s nice to pare down to basics, go deeper and establish a relationship with each essential oil. Taking the time to ‘get to know’ your essential oils will not only give you more aromatically pleasing blends, but an opportunity to create successful healing remedies as well.

And so, the line up for 6 essential oils that can transform how you deal with ailments both emotionally and physically are Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Sweet Orange, Roman Chamomile and Eucalyptus. Always look for pure, undiluted essential oils; organic, unsprayed or wild-crafted.

Lavender; The “King” of Essential Oils!
This purple power house is universally adored by men, women & children alike. The versatility is hard to match, thanks to it’s diverse and rich phyto-chemical make-up. From burns to bee stings, tension headaches to depression, Lavender essential oil is the one amber bottle you want to reach for.
Key Healing Actions of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia):
Antidepressant, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Cicatrisant

Peppermint; So Darn Cool!
Known for it’s wonderful digestive properties, ability to improve mental alertness and effectiveness on pain…refreshing any way you look at it.  A nice addition to blends when detoxification is needed, as it protects the liver.
Key Healing Actions of Peppermint(Mentha x piperita):
Analgesic, Decongestant, Anti-inflammatory, Febrifuge

Tea Tree; The Yuck Zapper!
Prized as a healthy choice when ‘cleansing & clearing’ are desired. Regarded highly for it’s broad band spectrum of antimicrobial activity. Effective on acne, sore throats and an awesome addition in DIY cleaning products.
Key Healing Actions of Tea Tree(Maleluca alternifolia):
Antibiotic, Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Immune Stimulant

Sweet Orange; Bright & Uplifting!
This cheery citrus is a must for any emotional unease. A first choice contender for stomach disorders (bloat, gas, nausea, etc.). Great when blending for children because of it’s sweet and pleasing aroma.
Key Healing Actions of Sweet Orange(Citrus sinensis):
Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Carminative, Stomachic

Roman Chamomile; Star Soother!
Such a gem when conditions of the nervous system call to be calmed. Perfect to assist with sleep, restless leg syndrome, anxiety and other tight & stressful conditions.
Key Healing Actions of Roman Chamomile(Chamaemelum nobile):
Antispasmodic, Sedative, Tonic, Calming

Eucalyptus; Germ Killer to the Rescue!
What a choice for cold and flu care, both preventative and symptomatic. This essential oil is awesome for respiratory conditions and when strong germ fighting abilities are needed. Also an excellent natural insect repellant and used to treat blisters and wounds.
Key Healing Actions of Eucalyptus(Eucalyptus globulus):
Antimicrobial, Antiviral, Mucolytic, Expectorant

When using essential oils, remember they are very concentrated little buggers! It is recommended to use a carrier(like all natural, unscented cream or organic jojoba for example) to protect the skin and aid in proper application and absorption. Store in colored (amber or cobalt) glass in a cool, dark space.

A good rule of thumb is the 1-2-3 method:
1% dilution: 5-6 total drops of essential oils per carrier ounce. Perfect for children, elders, chronically ill persons, sensitive folk and pregnant women.
2% dilution: 10-12 total drops of essential oils per carrier ounce. This dilution is used for the average adult and for daily use.
3% dilution: 15-18 total drops of essential oils per carrier ounce. Best dilution for illness or injury. Recommended for short term use.

Now the fun part…Let’s Create!
A couple of recipe suggestions to get you started:

Room Spray-airborne deodorizer, antibacterial, uplifting

Dilution: 2%
Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)-10 drops
Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)-10 drops
Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)-3 drops

In a 2 oz. clean spray bottle add the above essentials to 2 oz. of distilled water. Shake well before using. Spray throughout the room, as desired.

Steam Inhalation-for decongestion, sinus, cold & flu
Add 1 drop of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) to a bowl of steamy water(not boiling). With your eyes closed, lean over the bowl, with a towel draped over your head and breathe in for as long as comfortable. Useful 2-3 times per day, for approximately 3 days when symptoms are present OR once per day, once a week for preventative maintenance. Not for children under 5.

Pain Relief Cream-for sore, painful and/or inflamed conditions
Dilution: 3%
Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)-20 drops
Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)-10 drops
Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)-5 drops

In a 2 oz. clean glass jar mix the above essential oil blend in 2 oz. of all natural, unscented lotion base OR jojoba. Stir well, until combined. Apply over affected area up to 3 times per day or as needed. Not for children under 5.

Household Scrub-for sinks, tiles, stove tops and more
Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)-20 drops
Tea Tree (Maleluca alternifolia)-15 drops
Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)-5 drops

Mix 1 cup of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar with the above essential oil mix. Whip and store in a glass container, with an airtight seal. Apply like a ‘soft scrub’ on the back of a scruffy sponge and clean away.

Aromatherapy is a beautiful way to enhance you and your families quality of life. Continue researching, experiment, have fun and most of all use your blends! You will be surprised how easy and effective creating remedies with essential oils can be.

Until next time…
Breathe Joy,

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Memory and clarity are desirables when it comes to the mind. Many factors including age, hereditary, stress, poor health and diet play a role in how keen our mental sharpness is. However, essential oils can improve the ability to focus and concentrate. Among the top stimulating choices are Peppermint, Basil, Rosemary and Lemon.Image
Yesterday, I went on a road trip to Lyons, NY. Home of H.G. Hotchkiss, “The Peppermint King”. Established in 1839, this family run operation grew, harvested, distilled, bottled and distributed the essential oil of Peppermint. Their essential oils won 17 Prize Medals at World Expositions, the first being in 1851 in London. It was delightful to peep in and imagine the hustling and bustling of this operation over 173 years ago.

The Bottle Filling Area

“Touching garden mint, as the very smell of it alone recovereth and refresheth the spirits.” -Pliny AD 77


Peppermint(Mentha x piperita)

Ok, back to our line up. Focus! Focus!

  • Peppermint(Mentha x piperita) is reached for when ‘digesting’ information is required. It has a stimulating effect when learning. It is uplifting, refreshing and enhances creativity.
  • Basil(Ocimum basilicum ct linalool) is a strong cerebral stimulant, fortifying and good for clearing the mind(cephalic), as well as relieving intellectual fatigue.
  • Rosemary(Rosmarinus officinalis) is probably one of the most widely chosen essential oils when focus and memory are needed. It strengthens the mind, promotes concentration and enhances presence. Even when you rub fresh rosemary leaves between your fingers, the piercing aroma released instantly brings attention and clarity. Rosemary is especially helpful when confusion and/or pressure is present.
  • Lemon(Citrus limon) “One of the most clarifying oils for the Intellect(Yi) is Lemon- Light and refreshing in nature, it is indicated for the heavy-headed and congested individual whose concentration is “muzzy” and dull. It helps, in addition, to maximize learning and memory-especially of details and numerous facts.”-Mojay

The alliance of the above essential oils prove to be a synergistic combination enhancing the effectiveness. They can be mixed in equal parts and diffused or a couple of drops of the master blend can be placed on a cotton ball and kept near during concentration or when clarity and memory are needed. Safety Note: Not for children under 5, pregnant women or if you have epilepsy or high blood pressure in your health history.

Until next time…
Breathe Joy,

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With our summer temperatures getting up and over 100 degrees throughout the country, it’s only natural to look for ways to cool down and quench the inferno.

Blazing Heat

Couple of my fav’s:

Follow the Yogi’s~

Traditional ayurveda suggests consuming foods that bring down the body’s internal temperature.  Cool peppermint tea, grapes, cucumbers, watermelon and water from the young coconut are top on the list. Nature provides these in abundance during this season for a reason!

Mint Mist~

Peppermint Hydrosol(Mentha x piperita) is the ‘King of Cool’.  I like to store a mister in the refrigerator.  Spritzing throughout the day is divine & super refreshing.

Loving it Raw~

Keeping summer meals focused on foods with a high water content(raw) is another helpful hint to keeping light, free and breezy.  One of my all time loves is from Sarma Melngailis & Matthew Kenney’s book Raw Food Real World; Bunny Spice Shake.(reprinted with permission from author, Sarma Melngailis)

Always Ready for Bunny Spice!


1 cup carrot-ginger juice(run carrots through the juicer with a thumb-size knob of fresh ginger root)

1 cup almond milk

2 cups frozen diced banana

Pinch of ground cinnamon

In a blender, puree all the ingredients until smooth.

This shake is the bomb!  It is like swirled ice cream through a straw and has never failed to delight any of my guests.

A little side note:  If you are ever in the NYC area, Sarma’s restaurant, Pure Food and Wine is a hot spot for raw foodies.  My favorite item on the menu is the Mint Chocolate Sundae-fresh mint, raw cashew cream & gobs of raw cacao….truly a work of art!

Agua Purificada Por Favor~

Ahhhh....Refreshing! (Photo by Sandra Engler)

Stay hydrated with lots of fresh water and/or homemade herbal sun tea.  It’s fun, pretty and effective to float cucumber slivers, muddled mint and/or slices of citrus in your brew.  Keeping a full pitcher ready in the fridge is a surefire way to encourage imbibing.

Essential Oils That Know How to Chill~

Diffusing essential oils known for their cooling abilities is quick, easy, and another way to wipe the sweat off your brow in a flash.

Original Recipe~

Sweet Orange(Citrus sinensis): 27 drops

Lavender(Lavandula angustifolia): 10 drops

Peppermint(Mentha x piperita): 8 drops

Palmarosa(Cymbopogon martini var. motia): 5 drops

Place the above quantities in a clean, dark glass bottle(15 ml with orifice reducer).  Add the appropriate number of drops from your created “stock blend” to your diffuser and turn on.(styles differ, see your manufacturer’s suggestion).

Of course loose, breathable clothing, avoiding direct mid-day sun, and a nice gust from multiple fans are obvious ways to beat the heat too.  And if all else fails, I go jump in the Lake!

My Favorite Spot for a Dip~Canandaigua Lake

Until next time,

Breathe Joy…

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