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Bud Therapy

Photo credit: David Lev

Gemmotherapy was presented by Nick Churchill at Botanica 2012, in Dublin, Ireland. When I saw the title in the presentation roster, my initial thought was that it was related to gemstones. As a lover of both precious and semi-precious gems, I was excited! But, I quickly found out that the subject was very different and equally as intriguing.

The topic was on remedies created from the material gathered from embryonic tissues found in buds and young shoots (plant stem cell therapy). Gemmotherapy was started in France over 50 years ago and now is very popular in Italy and Romania.

Unlike other herbal harvests, the embryonic material and marrow stem (undivided cells) are harvested during a very short window of time, in some species that can mean 2 days, in others 2 weeks, in order to capture the most vital components before rapid development. Interesting to note that the meristems have the potential to become any other part of the tree. Imagine energetically how that potentiality infuses the remedy and then in turn the recipient!

The very nature of buds is expressed in an “outward energy.” Not a coincidence that the functions of many of the remedies derived have emunctory healing properties on our organs. Mr. Churchill referred to them as a “cellular chimney sweep”, whereas these unique photochemical components act on our biochemical pathways in a drainage, detoxification and tissue regenerating manner.

Mulberry Bud

Mulberry Bud
Photo credit: HM Vanderbeek

Examples mentioned:

  • Black Current(Cassia), known as the “Jewel of Gemmotherapy”-for it’s cortisone like behavior on allergic states, such as Hay fever
  • Mulberry-for diabetes support
  • Cedar-for scaly, dry skin conditions
  • Japanese Creeper-for arthritis of the small joints

The remedies are delivered in a maceration of glycerin and pure alcohol. A dose example would be 3-5 drops taken in water 2-3 times per day, over a period of time(weeks or months, depending).

This was one of the most fascinating subjects of the conference and definitely got my eyebrows raised! For more information, feel free to visit the following links:

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