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A Favorite Spot~Ausable Chasm, NY

Like flowing water traveling down a rocky stream, solely fueled by the power of nature, essential oils are inherently intuitive in their make up, and with their subtle forces gravitate toward what is in need of healing.  Above our own mental system of intent, once applied, they attend to the area calling for their name, and services.

Interestingly enough, I find music shares this quality, as well as notes, chords, and synergistic harmonies.

Sweet Orange

Top Notes~

The top note in an essential oil is known to evaporate fastest, being the first whiff we experience in a fragrance.  The chemical molecules are small and quickly dissipate when exposed to oxygen.  Some examples of top notes are Sweet Orange(Citrus sinensis), Eucalyptus(Eucalyptus globulus), and Lime(Citrus aurantifolia).  Their effects are uplifting, fresh, bright, sharp, and penetrating.

Similarly, in music, the higher octave tends to create a light, airy and overall uplifted emotional sense.


Middle Notes~

Middle notes in essential oils evaporate slower, and are considered the core, or body notes.  This class of oils are known for balancing, and harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit.  Some examples are Lavender(Lavandula angustifolia), Sweet Marjoram(Origanum marjorana), and Geranium(Pelargonium graveolens). These soothing notes relate to the middle keys, and tend to feel very comfortable.  They are the heart of the piece, and offer unity, smoothness, and centering.

Vetiver Roots

Base Notes~

Essential oils that are considered base notes are grounding, deep, and somewhat mysterious. They evaporate the slowest, and are often used as fixatives in blends. Examples would be Vetiver(Vetiveria zizanoides), Patchouli(Pogostemom cablin), and Frankincense(Boswellia carterii).  Base notes, and low octaves are often used to set a heavy tone.  They are deep, rich, and the opposite in mood to the very bright, and brilliant top notes.

What’s a chord?

In music a chord is defined as, “a combination of three or more pitches sounded simultaneously.” You will see this is the same in essential oil blending.  A chord is when 3(or more) essential oils from the same category(top, middle or base) are used together, at this same time. Perfumers rely on chords when creating fantastic interwoven scents.  The more interesting the chord variations, the more alluring the piece… or perfume.

And then there comes Harmony…

Isn’t this what we all crave?  Where everything we encounter agrees, is in perfect order, works well together, and has a pleasing outcome?  Ahhhh… as is the case in melodic music & synergistic essential oil blends; the coming together of counterparts, the play, the emotional dance, the power to transform.

Click to Enjoy the Beauty in Bach 

Until next time…

Breathe Joy

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Stillness in Song

I was recently at a funeral service for a dear friend of the family.  Shirley was a lover of music, a revered music director, and a church choir member for many years of her life.  At the service, the thoughtfully gathered choir consisted of 40 members, 2 violinists, an organist and a pianist; led by the esteemed Gregory Kunde.  There were 14 songs throughout, each one that held special meaning to her and her family.

As I listened to one, after another, looking out at the community united by song, it reminded me again of the power of music.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

~Berthold Auerbach.

At mid-service, the communion meditation was Alleluia, music by Randall Thompson.  The entire hymn consisted of one word, Alleluia, sung repetitively in the most beautiful, melodic drone.  It was penetrating and transporting to witness, as the sunlight beamed through the vivid colors of cobalt blue, rich gold & deep purple panels of the stained glass window, that hung above it all.

“What passion can not music raise or quell.” ~ John Dryden

Music, with it’s infinite possibilities, and universal language has the power to raise spirits, calm emotions, mourn the dead, and celebrate the life within us.

With our modern inventions, there is now a handy tool to analyze your tunes.  Mix Meister is one example of an online program that counts the beats per minute(BPM),per song(for free).  The lower the beats per minute(ex. Sanctuary, by Donna De Lory @ 104 BPM)- the more relaxing & meditative; great for unwinding after a long, hard day, or drifting off to sleep with.  Alternatively, the higher BPM(ex. Glamourous, by Fergie @ 131 BPM)- the more energy and mojo the music will evoke; perfect for motivation during exercise or housework.  You can organize your playlist based on BPM to work towards your advantage. Try it, it’s FUN!

Next Post: The relationship between music and essential oils, including the correlation of top, middle and base notes, and how they affect mood.

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